Hospital Security Award

The critical assets of a hospital - its people, property, information and reputation - must be protected.  This award will recognise hospitals that have made significant steps towards a safer environment for patients and workers through the implementation of a security policy which incorporates the latest advancements in CCTV, access control and other monitoring technologies.

2019 Winner

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust - tackling violence and aggression
In partnership with West Midlands Police, security management specialists at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust launched a hard hitting campaign to tackle the problem and reduce violence and aggression towards staff. The campaign consists of a set of designs illustrating volunteers made up to look like staff in a range of different roles with cuts and bruises, sending the clear message that as well as being morally unacceptable, violent and aggressive behaviour is a serious offence and can lead to prosecution. Along with the posters, the ‘No excuse for abuse’ campaign includes an updated policy on managing challenging behaviour by patients and visitors, and a updated training for staff, refreshed communication of the yellow and red card system for repeat offenders of violent and abusive behaviour.

Hospital Security 2019 Winner: University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust - tackling violence and aggression


Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust - Bluebird House CCTV upgrade
Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust - Access Control upgrade

2016 Winner

East Lancashire Hospitals Trust

Hospital Security 2016 Winner: East Lancashire Hospitals Trust

Following feedback from patients, Royal Blackburn Hospital, part of East Lancashire Hospitals Trust, is deploying a secure storage system developed in partnership with a local company, for patient’s valuables. A drawer has been designed as part of the patient’s bedside cabinet, which can only be locked and unlocked using a Radio Frequency ID wristband, which is programmed on the patient’s arrival. The programming of the wristbands takes only seconds and they have been designed to be compliant with Infection Prevention and Control requirements. It is anticipated that the system will be rolled out to its other wards and hospitals in order to enhance the security of patient’s property throughout the trust.

Southend University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust - Security improvements
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde - Infra Red Personal Activation Device rollout

2015 Winner

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust
In order to tackle a rise of violence against stafff and patients, a pilot project at this year's wining Trust introduced two full-time police liaison officers, stationed in the A&E Department. They have been specially trained to work with medical staff to identify individuals who display challenging behaviour, signs of alcohol and substance misuse and also those with undiagnosed mental health issues

2015 Commended:
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Trust
NHS Merton Clinical Commissioning Group
Royal Liverpool University Hospital